Baby club

Baby Club Les Diablotins (1 year /3 years birthday date)

Tourisme Office 
Tél. : 04 79 05 33 83 


The baby club is situated within the Chalet Club residence and bears the DDASS Savoie (Savoie regional social services department) certification. The playgroup welcomes children from Sunday to Friday, from 8.45 a.m. to 5.15 p.m.

Please note: the playgroup can accommodate up to 20 children (subject to availability). 

We strongly advise parents to book in advance (please contact the tourist office for a booking form or download the PDF version below).

Please note: Children can attend the playgroup club on a half-day basis only!

Mini 1/2 day morning or afternoon (9/12h or 14/17h)    26 € 
Maxi 1/2 day morning or afternoon (9/14h or 12/17h)   30 € 


6 MINI 1/2 day morning or afternoon (9/12h ou 14/17h)  105 €
6 MAXI 1/2 day morning or afternoon (9/14h ou 12/17h)   135 €



After registering your child, thank you to fill out the information form and take notice of the rules of procedure and sign. 

These documents are to be submitted before your arrival, as well as payment of the balance of your booking directly at the baby club. 

It's time for fun. Manual activities (painting, sculpture, drawings, ...), games arousal (music, story ....) of outdoor play (sledding, snowman, snow, snow castles ...) according climatic conditions, are available for children.

Here children take time, pace is respected,
do not forget that they are on holiday too !