Kinder garden

The Piou Piou Club - École du Ski Français

Tél. +33 (0)4 79 05 05 97

From the age of three, children can experience the pleasures of skiing under the watchful eye of specialised instructors. The lessons take place on a domain especially designed and equipped for their amusement and safety, featuring a little chalet shelter, a 60m-long telebaby and a 30m-long conveyor belt. 


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Mouse Club - École du Ski International 


Tél. 04 79 05 32 58 -  06 89 29 63 30

Specialised instructors are available to introduce your children (from 3 years up) to the joys of skiing and fantastic snow games. Lessons take place in a secure “snow garden”, equipped with a heated chalet shelter, adapted button lift and a slide.


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